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We are proud to provide innovative financial solutions to businesses throughout the European Union. As experts in the financing sector, we can offer a broad spectrum of products and solutions, which can be customized to meet our partners’ needs.



Energy efficiency is the way in which we protect the next generations, but also the way to reduce costs and increase profits. We started this activity with attracting equity partners for renewable energy projects on emerging markets.


Smart cities

Experts predict the world’s urban population will double by 2050 – which means we’re adding the equivalent of seven New York Cities to the planet every single year. As our planet becomes more urban, our cities need to get smarter.


About Us

  • 2007

    Our Humble Beginnings

    We started with a small team of young consultants, preparing and implementing EU grant documentations for our clients.

  • March 2010

    The affiliation to an European group

    Transition to Full Service started when we affiliate to a Pan European consultancy group. M27 is a network of consultants with expertise in financing and internationalization. Our integration in the group helped us develop new services and connect to the existing network of partners across Europe.

  • Mid 2014

    Rebranding time

    Our activity grew in a direction which imposed creating a new path. Hence, rebranding became necessary. We are now Finacon, a new image for the same strong tied team.

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    Of Our

The management

Cosmin Drăgoi

When it comes to finance, you need the best, most profitable advice available. Cosmin is a financing expert with background on capital markets, stock trading, EU grants, national subsidies and warranties. The support he provides transforms businesses from break-even or somehow profitable companies to highly profitable and efficient ones.

Manuel Avramescu

Our focus on energy efficiency and sustainable growth is based on the knowledge and expertise that Manuel has on such projects. His activity in environmental protection within public bodies, NGOs and private companies both at a national and European level recommends him as one of the best experts on the market in this field.

Alexandru Drăgoi

With extensive expertise in expanding businesses on foreign markets, Alexandru is working with our clients when new markets are the solution for growth. His skills in finding the right approach and the right partners for a company are a major success factor for many of our clients. That is why he manages our internationalization department.

Adrian Savu

A strategic thinking professional with more than 15 years experience in financing, internationalization and business analysis, he is a skilled crisis manager as well as a seasoned project developer. His understanding of international legal frameworks and economics and the ability to work within almost any field has made him a great asset to our team.

Alina Popescu

Alina has 10 years of experience in organising business trainings, seminars and conferences. Increase turnover by using the most powerful marketing tool, promotional events. Bringing a service or product directly to an audience interested in it can save money and valuable time. With the help of promotional / networking events you can create an image as market leader towards the customers you target.


London office

Alexandru Drăgoi

Phone: +44 2035 148 189

Address: 53-59 Chandos Palace

London W2CN 4HS


Bruxelles office

Manuel Avramescu

Phone: +32 497 203 793

Address: Leuvensesteenweg 44

Tervuren, Belgium


Oslo office

Adrian Savu

Phone: +47 466 54 797

Address: C.J. Hambros

Plas 2C, 0164, Oslo


Bucharest office

Cosmin Drăgoi

Phone: +40 733 115 993

Address: 169A Calea Florească

4th floor, Bucharest